Investing in Yourself

Are you investing in yourself? You are the most valuable asset in your life. That may sound strange, but it’s true. Ultimately, you are responsible for investing in you. The routes you take and when you take them make all the difference. Yet the desired goal remains the same: to become a better you. You […]

Investing in Yourself
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Religious Stigmas “Your a Single Mother?”

Society likes to place stigmas on all of us. We never fit into a “social norm.” There will be judgments, critics and people with opinions. Some malicious in nature, and others encouraging. As a single mother, religious stigmas are placed on you because you don’t have a husband. People think your hopeless and will never amount to anything. But when you are determined you will do anything you can to make life wonderful for you and your children.

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With the help of the Holy Spirit, prayer and daily devotion I was able to make it through my darkest moments. I hope that you will believe enough in yourself to do the same. It doesn’t matter what people think, not even what people do. All that matters is you. You are the determining factor in how your life will turn out. God knew that you would end up in the situation but the situation does not determine your outcome.

As a woman after God’s heart, we are able to see Him be a husband, father and provider in these times of singleness. Actually, I found my time as a single mother to be very enjoyable. Although, not having a mate to be by my side, I had Jesus. There is no replacement for Christ as a husband. As a matter of fact, the Bible says that we are His bride and He is coming back for us. With such a wonderful spouse , why would we not enjoy our time with Him.

“For your husband is your Maker,
Whose name is the Lord of hosts;
And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel,
Who is called the God of all the earth.


With social media and everything else around us, its easy for ladies to feel like they are missing out or that no one wants them. This is not true, God wants you. He wants you more than you want Him. While we are looking for a physical man to be a provider and our “everything” Jesus is there saying, “I am your everything!” I died for you! I set you free from sin and death! I got the eternal keys to your life of abundance and security!

How powerful is this to know that we have someone who loves us no matter what. When I felt ridiculed and belittle by the church, I ran to Christ. I found out the truth. The truth is, I am redeemed. I am His daughter and no matter the mistakes I’ve made He is always going to be right there by my side. Never to leave or forsake me. I praise God today for a wonderful life filled with His love.


Be encouraged, Jesus loves you and YOU are not what others SAY YOU ARE!


Here’s a brief video where I highlight just a few viewpoints, enjoy!


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You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

How many of us give of ourselves until it hurts? We see about other people in hopes that they are okay and doing well but when it comes to us we shy away from the attention we so desperately need. In the book of Jeremiah, God says that Israel committed evil by trusting in people with no validity. They were vessels with holes in them. Meaning anytime they were filled with something (what they deemed holy) it poured right out. The knowledge that someone has, if lacking the wisdom of God, is empty.

For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

In our time with God we get what we need. We get joy, fulfillment, peace and a sense of direction. Well, others must do the same so they are filled with God’s Holy Spirit too. If we give and give and give until we are empty then where will we end up? We have to know our limitations. We have to take care of ourselves as the temple of the Holy Spirit and realize that we are valued, we are loved and we are worth it.

Striving to please others and give them what they need, while we are being devoured on the other end, is not healthy. Today, I pray that if you are giving more of yourself then you are getting back, reserve the right to. Reserve the right to be everything someone else needs. Point that person back to Christ by utilizing the word of God. Consider, not staying in the presence of those who wish to fill your ears with burdens.

It’s okay to be a listening ear or a friend in the time of trouble but to what extent? To what extent do you say, “okay, I have consoled, I have listened,” and move forward. Nothing is wrong with this mindset. As a matter of fact, this is a hard lesson I too had to learn. I cannot be what everyone wants me to be for them. The priorities in my life are burden free and given by the Lord. For example, my spouse, my children and my purpose in God. These things cost me nothing!

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God gives me grace to be on my “A game” daily in life to those whom He considers priority. As we point others in the direction of Jesus, we are not acting like Lord in their life. We are not taking over that number one place that Jesus wants to inhabit in all of His children. We are not the “go-to” to figure out all their problems and demands. When we refrain from this behavior, we are liable for other people’s outcomes. We will not be “blamed” if something did not work out accordingly for him or her.

Love yourself as Christ loves you. If it hurts you, its killing you and that’s the bottom line. Our marriage, ministry, employment or purpose should not be a milestone around our neck. If it is, then we need to consider, “did God put this upon us, or did we put it upon ourselves?” The bible says: His yoke is easy and His burden is light! What a wonderful place to worship God at. Consider that He gives us things in our own power and strength to carry.

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

He does not give us things He knows will be too much. He is a loving Father. Are you loving yourself? Are you pouring from an empty cup? Are you dehydrated by being the water everyone around you needs and not drinking from the eternal well yourself?

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Father in the name of Jesus I pray for each of my brothers and sisters that love you. I pray that they do not feel the false burden to attend to others while they themselves need you most. i pray that they become consumed with your Holy Spirit to led and guide them throughout the day to pay attention to the things that hurt, hinder or silently defeat them. Bless your great church, your bride and help us to be a dwelling for you and only you. In Jesus name.


Until next time,



New Release “Concrete Rose” Available on Amazon!!!

Hello everyone! I’m excited to share the blessing of being able to share my testimony of God’s grace in my life.

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Trials and tribulations come to us all but when Jesus had His hand on us we will not fail. There is victory, there is hope, there is growth, there is freedom. As I shared my story, I too found freedom in sharing. I thought that reliving the events were going to be hard, they were but Jesus helped me.

I hope my testimony of God’s grace on a single mother will help others to run to Him as the one true Savior of the word! All things work together for the good of this who love God and are called according to his purpose.

I will be sharing a few highlights and events on YouTube “Rosalyn Green” is the channel. I would love to connect.




Concrete Rose “God’s Grace in Trials”

In 2012, I wrote my first book about the trials I endured as a single mother and a new creation in Christ. Due to fear, I took it off the market, never to re publish again. Now, nine years later it has surfaced again.

Coming soon to Amazon…available internationally

Through a few interesting encounters I realized that it is the Lord’s will to share the story. As I began writing, old feelings came up that I didn’t want to revist. After all, when you walk through difficulties the last thing you want to do is revist it.

Well, I’m not too far away from placing back in the open to share with people like myself or other individuals who need encouragement. I understand people suffer in silence all the time. We don’t like to share, we remain exclusive and private. However, if the Lord says share you share.

Concrete Rose is the name that I was given back in 2012. I hope to share it with you and pray God’s blessing upon you as you read my reflections. My desire is that those who don’t believe, will believe. Those who are hopeless, will find hope. Those who need salvation, will seek the Savior.

Blessings, to you all and I look forward to sharing just a portion of how God’s grace has guided my life.



Something New

Everybody loves something new, from shoes to smartphones. Today’s verse says God is doing something new with you right now. Can you see the “brand-new thing” God is doing in your life? Sometimes it’s easy to see the hand of God moving, and sometimes the storms of life can cloud our vision. But no matter […]

Something New

The Power of Prayer

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When we think about prayer at times we may look at as an opportunity to tell God about our laundry list of issues, burdens, problems and contentions. Jesus admonished us to pray in Matthew 16, the Lord’s prayer.

Even being the Son of God, Jesus did not pray His problems. Jesus, first, honored His Father and gave reverence and prayed the Father’s will. Likewise, we must approach prayer in the same dynamic.

We have all authority and all power in Jesus Christ as believers. We also are joint heirs with Christ in the kingdom of God. Our words/prayer have creative power to call things that are not as though they were. Therefore, when we are seeking peace, joy and fulfillment in our lives we can simply pray God’s word and it shall be so.

I encourage you today to open up the Word of God, as a kingdom heir and start speaking those powerful promises over your life and your families lives and in your community.

We should not look for the world to change but for the world to be changed by the presence of the believer! We have the authority! We are more than conquers through Christ Jesus that strengthens us.

His word shall we shall not want, we shall not lack any good thing. It is the Father’s good pleasure to see after His children. Today. you may need to look in another direction. Don’t look to the world but look rather within yourself as the kingdom of God is in you and you power is in your PRAYER!!!

I would love to connect with you all. Please feel free to leave a comment and let’s grow together!