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What’s in Your Hand?

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This morning I was watching a TED talk by Pastor Rick Warren. He spoke about the purpose of our lives. “What were we born to do?” This is a question that can get the best of many of us because we want to earn good money, we desire a fulfilling career, and we want to have a decent retirement. However, we’re not quite sure how to do that and be happy? We may have great jobs but are you fulfilled?

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When we do what we are designed to do, there is a sense of “fulfillment” that comes with it. God created us unique and different. We are composed of natural capabilities and talents. Some people may be skilled in accounting and finances. Others may be good teachers, good keepers of the home, good volunteers in the community, etc. Whatever we have that comes from within may more than likely be what we were created to do.

Some people like to write and are good with verbal expression and written communication. Some people are natural-born leaders who can encourage those around them to do great things. Pastor Warren used the story of Moses to convey the message of “what is in your hand?” When Moses stood in front of the burning bush he had a staff with him. God asked him, “what is in your hand?” He replied “staff.”

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"And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.”
Exodus 4:2 KJV

God told him to throw it down and it turned into a snake. Next, God told him to pick it back up again. All the wonders that Moses performed with the staff were attributed to miracles that God did to free the children of Israel from slavery. This became so simple and brilliant to me, that I had to share it.

Whenever we find ourselves getting caught up in the hustle of life and not feeling like we are living in our purpose, we can ask ourselves, “are we using what is in our hand?” Are we doing our work for the glory of the Lord? Pastor Warren also discussed influence and leadership. Influence and leadership are responsibilities given to the person, not to lord over others, but to be an example of good stewardship.

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I hope these words have encouraged you today. I have been encouraged too. Today is always a good day to step out, get involved, help others and use whatever you have in your hand. It cost Moses nothing, the staff was given to him by Pharoah. Later on, that same staff that his new enemy gave would soon become the greatest tool to accomplish his greatest work as a shepherd.

Until next time,


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Save the Fight for Goliath, “Are You Contending at the Wrong Time?”

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Today, I was reminded of the battles we face in life. Some may be necessary to get to our next breakthrough, while others may be distractions. Everyday circumstances at home, at work, with your kids, spouse or even internal can make you become hostile. There may be times when you want to defend yourself or stand up for what is right but is it necessary?

If we are choosing to live for Christ then wisdom will speak to us and say move on. Walk away from this minor disagreement or unfair treatment. There are bigger things in life that will bring us to pivotal moments where the battles become intense. I am speaking about obstacles that may be set up by the opposition to keep you from reaching your goals or God-given potential.

So, my reflection comes from the story of King David when he was young, and came up against Goliath. There was a big army of Philistines but Goliath was the leader. God did not call David to go up against the numbered army. God called David to go up against that one giant whom no one could contend with.

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How’s that for a wonderful God? Well, what if David would have wasted his time and energy fighting those Philistine soldiers? What if he had no method but to pick up a sword and swing? David was a young shepherd. The Bible makes no mention of him being skilled in war. God used a rock and a sling to beat Goliath. What I’m saying is, “are we fighting the wrong battles, and using the wrong tool?

Let’s take a look. A battle with the Lord would be a bit easier because He uses a strategy. A battle from the flesh has no strategy, it’s impulsive and works off emotions. Battles from our flesh make our blood boil, leaving us feeling empowered in moments of domination but when they are over we are left with a terrible feeling that we could have handled our situations better.

What minor battles can you let go of today? What have been some contentious moments that made you upset, uneasy, or feel slighted? Consider letting those “little things” go. Save your energy for the mountain top moments where you use wisdom, trust, and faith to win! Don’t fight the battle by yourself Let the Lord fight your battles. He has a massive angelic army that is ready to go to war on behalf of the children of God.

The U. S. military defends our country. Likewise, the angelic army defends us. We are called to rest, rule, and reign with Christ. We don’t have to fight. We may have to contend for our faith with the mental roadblock of doubt but we don’t have to contend with people or circumstances.

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I pray this was a blessing to your life. This little reflection will save me much mental time and energy, as I too practice letting go, and allowing God to bring me through any battles I may face. However, the biggest battle, in my opinion, is internal and we will forever need the Holy Spirit to help tear down internal Goliaths. Sometimes we are fighting others when the problem is inside of us.

Until next time,



The Joy of the Lord

Today, like any other day is a good day to have joy. We can choose to have joy or we can choose to not have joy. However, which one is more conducive to your well being and to others. Joy, right?

Often, we need a reason to be happy. We hear some good news or we get a promotion on the job, close the deal on a new home but what about having joy just because. Well, that may take some practice but if we try to think on the goodness of Jesus and this beautiful life He has given us, then joy can take over.

Listening to your favorite music, writing, reading or even taking a walk may bring you joy. Every morning or any time of the day when I hear the birds chirping outside my window I immediately think of Jesus. Those little precious creatures are given God glory, not worrying about one thing.

Jesus asks us to be as children. Today, consider laughing, telling a few jokes move out of your ordinary way of functioning and develop a new habit of having joy. Life will surely have its transitions but we can remain stable and joyful in our Lord through them all and ENJOY OUR EVERYDAY LIFE!

Blessings on a beautiful day!

Until next time,



The Battle to Build for God’s Kingdom

This morning while reading a devotional about the work of God, it crossed my mind how the men of ancient times had to endure fights that were beyond what I personally could imagine. As believers we do have battles we go through but Nehemiah had to set up a front line defense and a masonry at the same time.

Each of the builders had his sword strapped around his waist while he was building, and the trumpeter was beside me.
Nehemiah 4:18 HCSB

The story in Nehemiah 4 details the task he was given by God to rebuild the wall to the city of Jerusalem. The Jews were mocked and ridiculed but they continued on in prayer and with work.

What captivated me was that the men never had the opportunity to let their guard down. They carried weapons with, on them and in their hand while they were building with the other hand. I don’t know about you but would you be able to fight with a sword in one hand and build a wall with the other?

Wherever you hear the trumpet sound, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us! ”

Nehemiah 4:20 HCSB

When God tells us to build something I can see from scripture that our greatest work will be first, or faith to believe and secondly, or strength to endure no matter what. When the Jews were attacked they were victorious over their enemies.

So we continued the work, while half of the men were holding spears from daybreak until the stars came out.

Nehemiah 4:21 HCSB

As you read this text, look at the tenacity these men had to do God’s work. Nothing was going to stop them. I’m still taken back by the fact that they had swords in one hand and building the with the other. Even when they washed they never let their gaurd down.

I have truly gleaned from this passage of scripture. Whatever God is asking you to do, my prayer is that you move forward and do it without fear for God is with you. The task may not be easy but with God all things are possible. Not to mention He says “His time is ready and His burden is light.”

What a mighty work He has called us to. Truly it is an honor and a privilege to work on behalf of our great King. He is the world’s best employer. He will feed you, protect you, fight for you and encourage you. He is never to busy to meet with you and give you guidance. Can we say that about employers today?

Most people, bosses are consumed with hitting metrics, and giving commands. I am encouraged and I hope you are too. Are you courageous enough to battle while you build for God’s Kingdom? What great work have you been called to do. Trust that God will see you through!

Until next time,


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Seeking God For More Rest: A Personal Reflection

The joy of the Lord is my personal strength

Today, one of my discussion prompts in class was the following:

Share your insights on how seeking God can help a person experience more rest and peace emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise.

I am just about to wrap up my Masters in Public Administration in May. Part of our curriculum is Biblical studies. Each week we have a bible verse or two and is posed a few questions. I wanted to share my response here on the blog today because it has truly been a blessing in my life.

Here is my response to the Biblical Discussion Prompt:

Seeking God has helped me obtain a calm and ease about life and its ever-changing circumstances. Seeking God allows me to separate reality from falsehood, and let go of things that have no meaning or significance in my life. As we go about our daily lives, the thoughts that come to our minds are influenced by our surroundings or circumstances. Using prayer and fasting (skipping meals here or there or a few days) brings me mental clarity. Fasting has helped me to see how spiritual things are more prevalent than the physical realm of life. I no longer take things seriously or personally.

The joy of motherhood

I understand how we feel is an emotional response from the flesh. However, the spirit within the believer is strong! So strong that it is not moved, disrupted, or swayed by life. The spirit man knows truth and falsehood. The spirit man is confident in Christ and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit. Truly, I have grown as a woman and child of God through the practice of fasting and praying. This practice brings me much rest and peace of mind in any situation.

The joy of being a wife, my husband and son golfing!

At this point in my life, I am only interested in the kingdom of God. Money, possessions, people, influence, or status does not concern me. This was a big one because I use to care what people think of me, but Jesus has confirmed my identity, and therefore, hidden in Him I know who I am. To me, this is the most powerful piece of rest a human life can experience. Personal freedom from this life and resurrection into His life The kingdom of God) here on earth. 

I hope you have been blessed by this response to biblical wisdom,

Until next time!



Ignite Revival Fire 🔥

How long has it been since a massive move of Christ has taken over our society? I remember Billy Graham and Luis Palau crusades. These were some of the largest salvation gatherings since the Azuza Street Revivals. Kathryn Kulman and Amy McPherson could pack a house beyond overflow.

What happen to the fire of the saints? What happen to our love and hunger for the righteousness of God? I contend it has been smothered by hurt, pain, tragedy, defeat,pride,money,lust and envy. The word of God admonishes us to keep our oil burning. It reminds us of our constant need to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the Saints.

Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you (A)concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting (B)you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.Jude 3:3 

So many things go on in life that keep us away from a revolution of sanctification and holiness. In these times it would do the body of Christ justice if we got vigilant and committed to prayer and fasting for a mighty move of God.

What are we waiting for? We are not alone in our effort. Jesus told his disciples to wait until their help came then go out and preach the good news. He also said heal diseases and set the captives free.

However, we cannot do this without some POWER! The Holy Spirit gives us POWER. If we want to see a real revival it has to start with us. We must pray for our communities, pray for our churches(not buildings but people) to come alive, pray for dry bones to rise up! We must pray for breakthrough over territory that keeps souls bound and captive.

Today, ask yourself if you are on 🔥 for the Lord. Do you wake up with joy and have a peace of mind? Are you freely hearing from God and reading His word? If not, we have the power to change it!

I believe in MIRACLES! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? If so, ban with me and let’s rekindle our fire in the Lord. Shall we purify our hearts and minds so that He may manifest His glorious power in and through us?

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. John 9:4

Praise God for a body of believers who are on fire to see the move of God in the earth and souls being restored to the kingdom of God like never before! I pray your strength in the Lord.

God bless you!

Until next time,


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The Illusion of Waiting: Whose Really Waiting You or God?

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Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. Psalms 27:14 KJV

I often wonder when we think we’re waiting on the Lord, is He actually waiting on us or could it be neither? As believers in Jesus, we walk through various seasons in life that cause us to wait on something. Waiting is a part of our daily lives. We stand in lines, we wait in traffic, we wait on things to happen, emails, phone calls, and the list go on and on.

During your waiting periods are you focused on God or on what you’re waiting for? The Bible talks about letting patience have its perfect work. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing” James 1:4 KJV.

Keeping in line with the question posed, “are we waiting on the Lord is He waiting on us or neither?” I would have to say, after many periods of waiting, that neither of us is waiting. God is not waiting and you’re not waiting. Sounds funny, I know but if you think about it when we’re waiting for something our emotions get stirred up. We have a sense of urgency, we predict what the hold-up could be. We analyze everything in our minds and worry ourselves frantic.

I challenge you to a new perspective. A perspective that lets go of the preconceived notion and trust God’s perfect timing. This will alleviate all the anxiety, constant woes, and continuous prayers that led to begging God, rather than believing God.

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"Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication let your request be known unto God" Philippians 4:6 KJV

If you look over God’s track record in your life you can see, I hope, that He is faithful. As a matter of fact, sometimes He works things out so well it’s hard to conceive where we were before. I invite you to love your waiting periods. Think about the good things in life, the bright future you imagine, and above all God’s perfect plan for your life.

In our waiting, we will learn so much about ourselves, and grow gracefully in the Lord. We don’t know what is on the other side or things that have to work themselves out before we are no longer “waiting.”The Apostle Paul says we go from glory to glory.

"But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord" 2 Corinthians 3:18 KJV

Allow your time of waiting on something, whatever it may be, to take you to a new level of glory! Our journey with Christ is the most fulfilling life experience we will ever have if we allow it to work for us. I contend that when you change your perspective you will forget all about what you’re waiting for because you delighted yourself in the Lord.

Instead of waiting try living! Live in your moments, live in your day and live in your experiences. Remove the “wait.” Say to yourself, “I’m not waiting I’m living!”

"Delight thy self in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thy heart" Psalms 37:4 KJV

Unitl next time, 


📍 Arise – Is your light shining? 💡

Beautiful message to consider today! Is our light shining for Jesus, and if it’s not how do we clean up our lives so that it may “indeed” shine bright?


Arise and Shine

I believe this is a message for us all. As it was impressed on my heart to write on this.

Okay, what’s the message here you ask?

The message to us, is this:

How bright is your light?


What extent of your light, are you allowing to shine forth?”

I was praying about Salvation for hearts on a particular day. In our conversation, He drew my attention to this and He explained with an analogy.

The analogy He gave:

Jesus Christ is the father of light, because through Him salvation came forth unto us. Yeah? But Jesus, upon leaving the earth He had impacted His disciples to continue the spread of the gospel unto others (Acts 1:8).

Then they went on to spread it forth to different countries and locations so much that the Light continued spreading. And it still continues spreading, so much that we have heard of…

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Trusting God to Pivot!

Today, I thought about how the Lord has a plan for our life and how interchangeable plans get. Interchangeable because we have one plan, while understanding He holds “thee” plan. Have you ever made a long term plan for yourself? For example, “in two years I’ll be married” or “I will buy a home next year.” These type of plans we may be in control of but happens when major directions are changed.

These are what I like to call life’s “pivots.” A pivot is when you have a plan and it completely gets disrupted and your now in “crisis”. 911 was a crisis, hurricane Katrina was a crisis and even now we are faced with an international crisis as Ukrainine trys to remain independent.

Pivots, may catch us off guard but they don’t catch God by surprise. In these major moments of intensity we have to dig deep and keep moving forward. We have to face the storm, put the sandbags up and take a stand. We have to muster up enough courage to trust the Lord to pull us through this moment of pivot.

Pivots, can be positive and open the door for new opportunity that you never thought about. However, you have this big plan in mind, and God says “I have something greater.” I love how unpredictable God is! I love how He will allow, or sanction these moments of “intense surprise” to get us to where He wants us to be.

We may want something and it may even seem like a good idea but it is not God’s idea. I am communicating from a perspective that we as believers want God’s plan for our life. As we look at the world today, it continues to fall apart right before our eyes. The only hope the world has is the church, and at times, the church does not want God.

“Us,” saints, believers, disciples of Jesus Christ must be ready to pivot into place. God is strategically placing us in areas to fulfill His call upon our life. It may not be what you expect, and I will go the extra mile and say that “it will not be what you expect!

But, it will be God and that is all it has to be. We are in a day and age where we must be “about our Father’s business.” and get ready to be disrupted, knocked off course, uncomfortable and put on track! God’s track, that is. What a blessing to be used by the Lord.

Lastly, the word of God says “only what we do for Chirst will last.” Today, ask yourself if what you are doing is for Christ. If it is not, ask Jesus to put you in line with His purpose and plan for you life. Not only will you become the best version of you but you will glorify Him! Are you ready to pivot! it’s a rocky road but it will be well worth it, if you are up for the chanllenge!

Until next time,